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Seven day backpacking Hiking tour for beginners Montenegro

поход в горы с гидом

поход в горы с гидом

Coastal mountain trail – Montenegro.

If you want to charge your health and fill yourself with new emotions. If you want to see unforgettable sights of nature and enjoy healthy mixture of mountain and sea air. And of course, if you’d like to be an expert in herbs picking, and if you are herbal tea lover who likes to repare it right from the fresh picked herbs and enjoy it near campfire in the evenings together with new friends – I am waiting for you in this hiking tour.


Dates of hiking tours:


The total distance of the tour: 168 km. We are planning to pass just 25 miles a day – not so much.


Hiking trail difficulty: it is not difficult, but only for those who has an experience in multi day hiking trips. But nevertheless if there are those who want to obtain the experience of hiking – you are Welcome! You can return back to the sea shore any time you want but it is better to reach the point of the aimed destination!


The route: Bar — Rumija – Petrovac – Budva – Котor – Risan – Herceg-Novi. The first day is the most difficult  – climbing height – 1000 metres. In case if the group does not have good experience of hiking – we will organise the shuttle up to this Point J From this Point the differences of height will not exceed 300 metres.

Price: 250 euro.


What is included: My services and hiking tour organisation. First aid kit. The instructions and moral support during all the hiking tour. At the end of the tour I will make the movie about our mountain adventure. We can register all the participants of our trip in the territory of Montenegro. Before the start you can be accommodated in the luxury apartments.


What is not included: food and snacks, hiking equipment. For the first 3 hikers, who will book the tour  – sleeping bags for free. ⠀



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