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Tourism in Montenegro

Hello from Nana!

I am sitting on my bacony here in Tivat, Montenegro, looking the most gorgeous sunset and thinking about the very first time I came to Montenegro.

It was 1995.

I am not a native English speaker, but native;) Love people, respect tradition, nature, customs and love to explore.

22 years ago Montenegro was going through turbulent times, sharing the destiny of Ex-Yugoslavia on its way to Independence.
Infrastructure and tourism in Montenegro were very poorly developed and tourism which is the focus of my blog, was on it’s developing point.

Foreigners were seen as «Those strange people who do not understand our culture» ! And that was it! For good and bad.

But over the years, things has changed to a better direction in every possible way!

For which I am glad.

Tourism in Montenegro is blooming!

But, back to the beggining of my story…

My first «friendship» with Montenegro started with Bay of Kotor and town of Kotor.

The Bay itself is about 28km long with shoreline of 107.3km and this is something that everybody can find on net!!

But, I would like to present you a different Bay, as I see it!.
And not only the Bay, but the whole of Montenegro, South and North!!

The Bay itself is the closest thing to a fjord the Mediterranean has and so many people, especially those coming from Norway ( like many friends of mine) stay speachless seeing it!

The Bay itself is a time capsule rich in culture, history, gastronomy and tradition!

As whole of Montenegro, indeed!

The town of Herceg Novi is at Bay’s main enterance; Risan to the Northwest is the oldest settelementin in Bay dating back to Illyrian kingdom. Perast with its Barque palaces, and Kotor the pearl of Bay and UNESCO’s World Heritage site, built between 12th and 14th century.

In the end, Tivat, where I am right now, the youngest city, with Porto Montenegro Marina/Town, a mirror image of Monte Carlo, whith it’s own outdoor bars, small cafes, international and domestic restaurants, night clubs, expensive shops and luxury in it’s full shine! A unique place to visit and feel posh for hour or so;)

The Bay of Kotor is a perfect destination for history lovers. Truly a great place with unique spots for photos and selfies. Regarding gastrnomy, it is definetlly a must see, feel and taste!!

But, let me return to everyday life …

Previous day, I woke up by a strange noise I have not heard during all summer..Construction at progress!!!

Something it was forbiden to do a years ago during a tourist season. Good!
It was not always like that!
That’s a huge progress welcomed by all, domestic and foreign in order to give better and serious picture of Montenigrin commitment for future.

Usually, a tourist season officialy starts in the beggining of April, eventhough in my oppinion, it could and should be all year around. Those are things that Montenegro is working hard on, and I am saluting for every step of it!!!

So, being in this wonderfull Bay of Kotor was not «good enough» for me, and I started my car engine going and exploring North. Together with my friend and colleage Roman.

If it was not for him, I would be still living in this everyday dream of easy going beach life, without knowing beauties of North.

Durmitor, Canyon Mrtvica. Zabljak, Kolasin, Bjelasica, Prokletije, rafting in river Tara, Biogradsko lake, Rijeka Crnojevica, soooo much…
People, people, interesting customs, food, wine, just positive emotions..

I just know, It makes the one never to want to go back and re-charge in a «smartie» way !!

Talking about people and customs is something I would like to pay a special attention to. But more about that in one of my next posts…
Until than follow our page, videos, please comment and give your oppinions!!!



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