Children Summer Camp in Montenegro!

Everybody welcome!

There are many people who askes what to do with children when they come to Montenegro.

Roman Aldushin

are offering You a possibility to send Your children to summer camp In Montenegro where they can learn new and interesting things about nature and to have possibility to learn and improve knowledge of foreign languages!

Programe includes:

Safety education
First aid education
Clothes and equipment education (What to take with etc..)
Psychology basics
How to collect, properly make and pack food in nature in a safe and secure way
Map and Copmpas Orienteering Basics
Different games and competitions
Spending relaxing time in nature

Age: From 9-16 year. Girls and Boys. 

It is obligatory to fill in Questionnarie! (Attached) 

Course Instructors are Roman Aldushin and Silvana Ivandic-Määttä:

Roman Aldushin:

Holder of Military Academy diploma
Masters in Pedagogy. (6 years of teaching experience in school)
From 2007 hiker, guide and instructor about nature and benefits of healty life.

Мy youtube channel:


Traveling in Montenegro by car with tents  7 days.

English summer camp

English summer camp

Price: 500 Euros 

Departure days for 2018:  2nd to 8th of July, 30th to 5th of August, 13th to19th of August or when group is formed.

What is included: Instructor services, car, fuel, 3 meals per day, sleeping bags,video futage, insurance.

What is not included: Extra services (candies, horse riding, night at bungalows,bike rental, bus excursions around Montenegro, rafting, zip line)

Living Conditions: In tents

In order to form a tour please depostit 100 Euros in advance.

Timetable:  Collecting children at 8.00 Monday and returning 18,00 Sunday (place according to agreement).


For the rest of the questions please contact

+38 268 555322 Viber and WhatsApp (Russian language)

Number of children per group: From 5 to10.


What is necessary to take with:

1. Comfortable backpack that  supports body well
2. Warm clothing to change, windproof jacket, towels.waterproof clothing and shoes
3. Sunproof clothing, scarves, head coverings, creams, sunglasses
4. Comfortable shoes. Its recommended to take with three pairs of shoes: light, jogging and hiking boots.
5. Waterproof clothes and rain protection.
6. Toilet and hygiene equipment needed for every day use. Morrning and evening.
7. Medical certificate for each participant in the group.
8. Mosquito protection
9. Mobile phone chargers
10. Paper. pens and pencils.

We are going to writte and paint

What is not recommended: 
— Ipads and other expensive equipments.
— Knives and other sharp objects



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